Marshall Baldwin Memorial Grounds
Gene Takahashi Memorial Garden
Ilene Calish Betts Memorial Grounds

Evergreen Cemetery

The Evergreen Cemetery, a serene historic burying ground located in the heart of Westport, has been an integral part of the Saugatuck Congregational Church since 1836. A walk through the cemetery reveals many of the early Westport names: Betts, Gorham, Jesup, Bradley, Morehouse, Wakeman and Taylor, as well as a few Civil War veterans. The largest and most impressive memorial, a Brownstone Gothic spire marking the Jesup family plot, contains the oldest memorial dating back to 1828. Historic gravestone inscriptions, shapes and art forms are typical from 19th century New England.

Three burial options are available to members of Saugatuck Church and their families:

  • The Marshall G. Baldwin Memorial Grounds is a traditional crematoria site honoring Marshall Baldwin, a long-time member who not only sustained the cemetery with his dedication and craftsmanship but also whose vision and memorial donations energized the Evergreen Cemetery Restoration Program.
  • The Gene J. Takahashi Memorial Garden, a beautifully serene and secluded space located at the rear of the property, was made possible by memorial donations honoring the service and the unwavering leadership of Gene Takahashi.
  • The newest of the renovated areas, the Ilene Calish Betts Memorial Grounds, is located in the most historic area of the cemetery and will accommodate full-body burials. A granite plaque honors her memory, whose service and memorial donations made possible the addition of this unique area.

Fees for plots are available at the church office; availability of plots and locations may be seen upon appointment. Eligible members may purchase plots “in reserve” at current prices. Plaque details, veteran’s plaques and ordering information are offered through the Evergreen Cemetery Society administration.