Interfaith Partnerships

Interfaith Clergy

Photo by Jarrett Liotta. Used by permission.

Even as we seek to deepen our roots in our own faith tradition, Saugatuck Church values our ties to the wider faith community.  Our own ministry has been enriched and our impact expanded in partnership with ecumenical and interfaith partners.

* We’ve shared worship, educational programming and a teaching Seder with Temple Israel;

* We host our annual Thanksgiving Feast in collaboration with the Unitarian Universalist Association of Westport, Temple Israel and the United Methodist Church of Westport and Weston;

* We’ve co-created a Blue Christmas service with the Methodist Church, and Good Friday services with Christ and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church;

* Saugatuck Church worked with interfaith partners to found Homes with Hope.

We are actively involved with two interfaith organizations in Westport:

Clergy Council of Westport and Weston – Our Pastor participates in this monthly gathering of interfaith clergy who support each other and collaborate on matters that impact our wider community.  They also sponsor an annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Worship.

Interfaith Council (IFC) – a lay-led interfaith organization here in Westport, supported by Westport congregations.

The purpose of the Interfaith Council is to promote a climate of understanding and respect for the many religious traditions, to work together to foster religious values we hold in common and to speak to contemporary issues affecting our community.

IFC activities include an annual Martin Luther King Day event and public programs to foster interfaith learning.

Our Pastor currently serves as IFC’s clergy co-chair. For more information about the IFC, contact Alison.