Meet Our Community

Nancy-Wargo-09-14“My husband George and I came to Saugatuck when Nick and Katie were tiny to find our spiritual home. One of the first members I met and bonded with immediately was Patty Doolittle. I can’t really explain it but it just felt like I had known her forever. She welcomed me – she welcomed us – with open arms. Yes, we were home. Years later, Saugatuck Church was instrumental in helping me survive cancer. We support it gladly every way we can. Whether it is with our talents, time, teaching, mentoring, or financial support.” – Nancy Wargo

Freddie-Brenneman“Our acceptance by this church changed everything for Russ and I. It is hard to explain why going to church is such a fixed part of our lives. For me it is a unique time in the week when I am with a lot of people whom I know and love, who have come together not to socialize but to worship God and to learn how to be better people, how to live as Jesus taught us to live. It provides me with constant reliable answers to the questions “How should I live? What should I do?” This church is the anchor to my life in Westport and in the world I live in.” – Freddie Brenneman

Matt-Dembski-150“Volunteering to work with the kids in our Sunday school is my church. Interacting with the kids and other teachers while covering topics ranging from scripture to current events within the context of Christian education is both intellectually stimulating and humbling.” – Matt Dembski